Waterproof Washing Machine Covers

Waterproof Washing Machine Covers

Your washing machine is one of the most used appliances in your home. So, make it sure to protect your Top Load washing machine from water, dust, stains, and scratches. HOMETEX Plus introduced high quality Waterproof Washing Machine Cover.

This product was initially available in international markets and customers have to buy from them due to unavailability in local markets.

Now, you can buy international standards waterproof washing machine covers from our store with express shipping even with Free Delivery.

The product is available for Automatic & Semi-Automatic machines of all brands like Haeir, LG, Samsung, Dawlance, Superasia etc.

Further, we can also deliver customized orders if you need. Top load waterproof washing machine cover has U shaped zip on its top. To use, you only have to open the zip and close it after using the washing machine. You are not required to remove the full cover to operate it.

This is the convenience we have made it in this pattern, so you do not need to remove every time. Elastic fitting on the backside of the waterproof washing machine cover gives beautiful fitting and looking.